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Some Illustrative additions.
January 27, 2007, 1:41 pm
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It’s been a long while since I’ve updated this page, or even thought about it. I am currently painting houses for work, living in Greenville county, and going to church at New Covenant Christian Fellowship. I plan and organize the children’s program there. Here’s my Christmas Card illustration.Christmas Trees


An Inspector Calls
May 9, 2006, 1:39 am
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Originally uploaded by mthanded2.

This is a far away image of a backdrop that I painted for the play, “An Inspector Calls.” Its 40ft long, and 14ft high at the tallest point. The play is set as a rich person’s home in the middle of a poor urban london early 20th century slum city. I hope you enjoy.

Business Cards
April 12, 2006, 3:46 am
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Here’s an image that I decided to put on my illustrator business cards. A duck has kind of become my trademark. I like the duck a lot. He’s a pirate in this image.
Pirate duck

New Fingers!
March 31, 2006, 12:43 am
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These hands, fingers, digits
squiggle and squirm
lurk and leer and at once appear
to seek out many things
each appendage appeals
to find a fresh texture
to tickle, tamper, or try
and so deny the mundaneness
of normality
“I’m tired of brick and concrete
sand, dirt, paint, and peet
no wait…what’s this?
beneath my seat?”
The dancing digits delightfully describe.
synapses pop and crack
because fingertips don’t
actually talk back
Just remember, it’s a metaphor
I’m speaking of things
I’d like to explore.
Alas, its time to rest
my thoughts, or expel
the pent-up creative spells
into a showy parade of
films displayed on the curtain
of my cortex
upside down images
clicking and buzzing
until another buzzing
enables an interaction
with a fresh sunrise
that speaks of new adventures
with ambitious fingers.

Sky Splitters
March 17, 2006, 3:48 pm
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Hello true believers,
I haven’t posted in a while b/c my harddrive died on my computer. This unfortunate incident caused me to lose all of my files that were created before 2 weeks ago. I’ve been able to move on, fortunately. These days I have been working on a few paintings (of which I will show soon) and some design work for an ultimate frisbee club team that anderson college is starting. Here’s the “sky splitters.” enjoy.

Dove and Fishies
February 21, 2006, 3:44 pm
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This is a wedding painting I did recently for my friend Andrew Johnson. His wedding was on Sat. the 18th of February. I actually finished it that friday night around 1 or 2. Can you notice the loch ness monster at the bottom of the painting. The clouds too, I think those clouds are my favorite part. Enjoy.
Dove and fishies.jpg

The finished viking image.
February 9, 2006, 4:33 am
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I added some text to the image, and cleaned it up just a tiny little bit. The image quality doesn’t transfer as well when using a camera. So, I tweaked the color a bit. That’s all though. What You See Is What You Get. WYSIWYG. I learned that acronym tonight. I’ve seen it written all over the place. Enjoy the piece. I’m really happy with this one. It’s for a literacy festival at Wren High School.